Quantum Computing

A large part of the future of computing

A quantum computer would operate on a fundamentally different paradigm than our current classical computing technology that we use today. If such a large-scale quantum computer were actually able to be completed and constructed it would have a lot of positive applications because it has a tremendous potential for improving computational power. There would also be a consequence with regards to the field of cryptography.

Also a potential security challenge

It’s been known for a while that with a large-scale quantum computer that there are some attacks which would completely break some of the crypto systems which we use today. Hackers could take your your data and information which is encrypted using our current cryptographic systems and they could just hold on to it. They can’t read it because it’s encrypted but they can wait until the quantum computer comes along and then they’re able to crack into it. Without Quantum Resistant Encryption you may not be providing protection that you hope for the amount of time that you do.

Our fight against Quantum Supremacy

To fight against the quantum computer there are many normal mathematical problems which are suited to quantum cryptography that a quantum computer most likely can’t solve. Lattice problems are one of these mathematical problems that have been studied for many decades and they seem to be resistant to quantum attacks. Luckily they’re also something that lead to efficient cryptographic schemes. And in the vast majority of cases if today’s cryptography is replaced with lattice cryptography the end user won’t see any negative effects, in fact in some cases it may even lead to a speed up.

You really need to act now

Your data even in its encrypted form now can be harvested and stored until a quantum computer is built, at which point it can be decrypted. So all confidential data from today can become a completely leaked and insecure property in the future. Keep your most sensitive data safe from Quantum computers.

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